Sunday, September 29, 2013

Reading schedule

All right, all right.

October is shaping up to be quite a month as far as readings go.

October is kicking off on Thursday, October 3rd at 8pm at the Whip In for Owen Egerton's new monthly salon called One Page. Details can be found here:

The very next day, I'll be reading at Foxing Quarterly's Wes Anderson costume party. That's Friday, October 4th at the Scoot Inn in Austin, TX. Doors open at 6pm. Information is here:

Then I'll be headed to California for the Long Beach Poetry Festival. That'll be on Saturday, October 12th. I'll be in the reading group that starts at 11am. Information can be found here:

I'll be all over the damn place.

October will also usher into the world Slagdrop Presents America... You're Welcome! It's a newsprint magazine that the folks at Slagdrop and I curated and I can tell you, it is going to be awesome.

Because October is going to be so reading-heavy, Slagdrop is also publishing my chapbook, Toilet Stories From Outer Space. They'll be for sale wherever I go, here, and on

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New reading added!

Howdy, folks.

I'll be reading at Owen Egerton's new show series called One Page: A Salon of Sorts.

Writers will read one page of something they're currently working on. It should be fun.

I'll be reading a page out of my novella, Death Thing.

All info is here: