Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Who Are You Voting For and Why Are You Wrong?

Elections! Elections!

Everyone is speaking so eloquently about things they do not understand! It's like the craft beer scene every other year!

I don't claim to understand any of this nonsense. I just know that I am angry and I am frustrated and I already voted so I'm tired of hearing about why everyone's stupid except for you. Because everyone is stupid except for me because I am me and that's all I'll ever be. Not stupid is what I'm saying here.

So, guy wearing hemp sandals purchased at a flea market with claims of being farm to foot, who are you voting for?

Burnman Clamders

I'll tell you why you're wrong, dreadlocked-redhaired-walking-bumper-sticker, you're wrong because you will always be wrong. From the moment you decided to forgo any type of hard work in life, you've made bad decisions. Now you spend your day at open air coffee shops desperately wanting to ask the barista if they serve butter coffee but too worried to find out how unethical butter might be to cow-tits. And the barista is the worst person to offend. He makes your coffee. So you'll drink kombucha until you find out it causes cancer and go back to fishing cigarette butts out of ashtrays looking for the gold-standard, All Natural American Spirits, because when RJ Reynolds tells you it's all natural, he's not lying like that greasy capitalist pig Joe Camel.

There's nothing wrong with Bernie Sanders except if you ignore the fact that you have to cover your ears when he speaks so he doesn't accidentally hit you in the ears with his hands when he speaks. These kinds of physical cues in a politician really lodge themselves in my brain until I can't ignore it anymore. I could put Bernie Sanders on mute, turn off the captions, and learn American Sign Language in less than 10 minutes by comparing the three words he ever says to the hand motions he uses. Bankers, Corruption, Rigged. Those three words are the Rosetta Stone for sign language.

Am I going to dig deep on policy when it comes to the old Burning Loins Sam Der? No. Because I don't understand anything and neither do you and that's why you're wrong.

Hey, aging person who votes Democratic every election cycle because you feel like you have to if you want to keep sipping wine pinky out at every dinner party you ever go to? Who the fuck are you voting for and why are you so stupid?

Chairman Hell of a Brie Clamton

You must be wrong because your kids and your grandkids are all buying bumper stickers for your car saying "FEEL THE BERN" or "I LOVE BIRDS LIKE BERNIE LOVES EVERYONE EXCEPT FOR BAD ONES" for when they borrow your car to go to their school dances. It's their first election, you get it, you're hip. Sometimes it's hip to be wrong. Just like Hillary Clinton was hip to be wrong for supporting George Wallace or Goldwater or whoever the fuck she supported when she was sixteen years old. Obviously, she's stupid. And if we look at her track record of being wrong, you're going to see a whole lot of RIGHTs. Meaning she's a rightwinger posing as a liberal.

You can play as many Beatles records for your kids as you want but they will never love you because you're voting for the past. You're voting for Hillary Clinton and they're voting for a youthful future with a candidate who is at least 10 years older and way-more-penis-having than the winner of your vote. You will be dismayed all your life at your failure of parenthood but you admit, you sometimes think of lying to your kids by saying you had a last second change of heart in the voting booth and you voted for Ol' Yeller Burnham Sanford. You're lying though. You can't live with yourself. You're old and you're stupid and you'll forever be old and stupid until you die. And when you die people will remember you were old and stupid. Memories last forever, stupid. 

So who are you voting for, guy who wears Oakley sunglasses like its 1996 and backwards caps and you're white and nearing being called old and you five hundred kids?

Tends to Luz

You won't admit it but every time Ted Cruz makes an attempt at a human facial expression, it looks like he's about to ejaculate for the first time ever. This turns you on even though you are Totally Not Gay and you Totally Do Not Agree With That Lifestyle. Did you know Ted Cruz never wades into the policy of transgender toilet use because he was grown in a petri-dish specifically without functioning or visible genitalia? He's like a Ken doll whose underwear elastic is a part of his flesh except Ken was built to more closely resemble humanity than Ted Cruz was. Ted Cruz was built in two socialist states - Cuba and Canada - and their government funding for fleshy fuck dolls was severely hampered by the idea that it might actually turn a profit. Leave it to fiercely capitalistic societies to jump onto a great idea by making real dolls to serve the men who routinely vote for Ted Cruz. 

Ted Cruz is what you get when you spoil the mother of your kombucha by farting into a jar and throwing some earwax in. 

All right, hip republican type whose age range is thirties and you have a bad haircut?

Macklemore Rub 'Em Paws

Let's face it. At best, Marco Rubio was your second choice after Jeb Bush queefed his way out of the race. At worst, he was your third choice because you felt bad for him and his inability to hold enough water to stop his damn cheeks and lips from smacking against his damn dried-ass teeth. Seriously. Every time this guy spoke I wanted to pull a fire hose out and force him to suck on it until he pissing out of his ass. He fancied himself the Barack Obama of the Republican party but there was one huge difference between the two candidates; Barack Obama had something resembling a personality and, though he was a smoker, could stay properly hydrated enough to get through a sentence.

With a candidate lacking in so much, I have nothing more to say to you except that you threw your vote away for a mirage person that was destined to get pounded by an orange flesh monster with a blond pubic mound sitting on top of his head.

So, guy who hates everybody, everything, and loves looking at his own dick, who the hell are you voting for?

Prawn Old Dump Face

You like Donald Trump just as much as you like the guy who loses all his chips at the poker table, has already traded his dog for a twenty dollar bill, and is now slamming his dick on the table as if anybody wants to bet against it. If the guy is slamming his dick around on the table, he's obviously already won. His girlfriend is sitting behind him, looking mildly embarrassed about her father's antics, and his wife has no fucking clue what's going on. But he's winning because nobody wants to say anything. Nobody wants to point out a shriveled mess of a wiener to call it out for what it is (a bluff) because the dick is already out and it's ruining the felt on your poker table felt with the weird dripping coming out of the multiple sores that riddle it. Fuck it, he can take the poker table with him. You can always buy a new one. 

Donald Trump is the guy at the party who makes declarative statements and then punches you in the face when you answer him with, "Please don't punch me in the face." The fist is already there. What gets me about Donald Trump is he is a perfect image of a fake plastic person who is all suck but no utility like a vacuum has. Yet! Yet he is also a Very Real Person. How do these people exist? Money helps. 

Look at me, Trump voter, do you want this guy running around dropping bombs like they were the inevitable after product of a late night run to Taco Bell? War looks cool on TV and movies and video games but war is really not cool. It's the definition of not cool. And these little excursions in the Middle East that we're so used to are nothing compared to what the Donald likes to talk about. China and Russia are chomping at the bit to have President Fruit Leather in office.

Look, the dick is already on the table. What the hell are we going to do about it?

President Davidis Palmersbert

Let's go back to a simpler time. A time called 2001 when we had an alternate universe president named David Fucking Palmer. Why can't we? Why can't they just have a decent 24 revival? Times were simpler back then.