Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Kill Look now at Out of the Gutter

Howdy, folks.

My latest story, The Kill Look, is now at Out of the Gutter.

Click here to read the damn thing.

It should also be noted that I will be reading a Christmas story at 69 All the Time presented by the fine folks at wait...what? I'm aware that that sentence made little sense.

It'll be at Le Rouge Boutique (it's a naughty shop, folks). 7:30 pm. There'll be a thousand other readers there and it will be free and fun and generally exciting.

Click here to get the damn details.

I was also in a fine video by a local mad genius who goes by the name of Steven Warren. There are super high production values and special effects that cost so much we'll be paying them off from the grave.

Watch the damn thing.

My story Flesh House was accepted to the JUNK anthology and you can get your hands on it here

Jack Arambula drew that for Flesh House a long time ago and now I can finally use it.

I came up with the story for Flesh House at Foxing Quarterly's first issue release party at a now-gone bookstore, DOMY. It's tiny. Even the outside grounds are tiny. There were a ton of people there, too. I was reading Cortin A. Zelaznog's phenomenal work of dirty absurdity, Puppetro

I get claustrophobic at times and this time it struck me. It's Texas so even when it's cold it feels like Satan's taint. It could have very well been cold, though. Anyways, there were all these people there and everyone was sweating and everyone was smoking and admiring each other's facial hair or fashionable boots. I kept thinking, "God damn, these people are fucking flesh walls that are going to collapse on me."

Then I thought of the title. Some of my stories come from titles first. 

I wrote Flesh House to be disgusting. A good friend told me he had to stop eating while reading it. I take that as a high compliment. 

Get the damn JUNK anthology. Every story in there is a winner. I'm honored to be among such a fine group of folks. 

There'll be some cool stuff to announce in the near future. There are good things coming and I can't wait to tell you about them. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Anthology stuff

Howdy, folks.

My story, Flesh House, is included in this fine anthology alongside Ryan Sayles, Chris Leek, Chris Rhatigan, Danger Slater, Jason Armstrong, and David James Keaton. It's a swell ride through Hell. Pick it up today. 99 cents is a steal!

Hell, it ain't Halloween anymore but I was also included in Horror Novel Review's anthology for Halloween. The story The Werewolf Dentists From Hell is about exactly what it sounds like. Buy it now!

Don't forget about Toilet Stories From Outer Space!