Monday, July 21, 2014

The Weekly Weird Monthly Totally Nubs Out For Spiced Ham

The Weekly Weird Monthly was born out of the need to do creative things. Lots of creative things with absolutely no care for the fact that it is not an absolutely cohesive idea. 

It started with random comics written by me and drawn by Jack Arambula. The name of the project was a joke about how infrequent and randomly it would be updated. It moved onto weird video projects like Eating & Reading and Andrew's Cooking Show (with a hell of a lot more weird video projects to come).

It is now taking on another form that was totally inevitable. It's no secret that I love print. When I lived in California, I was a co-founder of Beggars & Cheeseburgers and I left right as it was learning how to walk. Not only was it learning how to walk but lots of people started caring to watch it learn. It was growing and then I cut it down at the knees when I moved. Issue 3 (which we called Dinner) was released while I lived in San Antonio and Issue 4 (Fourthmeal) was being curated and getting ready to print. 

Working halfway across the country on an exclusively print project was hard and it finally collapsed under its own weight. We were doing weird stuff and when it comes down to it, Jack Arambula and I only do weird stuff. 

The next step was building Slagdrop but there were too many ideas and not enough execution. The only mega-thing we did was Slagdrop Presents America... You're Welcome! and I really see that as the spiritual mother to the print projects the Weekly Weird Monthly is taking on. Let's not get it wrong, Slagdrop was a good idea. Everyone involved was talented but we were all over the place. My center of gravity was to be weird and, without any design at all, Slagdrop collapsed on itself. 

The Weekly Weird Monthly won't collapse on itself. It's designed to be an evolving monster. Content will be on the internet and in print. Each medium will dictate the content as opposed to trying to throw everything in every direction. It also won't collapse because I see it as my baby. It's a baby that is taking a village to raise. The other baby-raisers are: Jack Arambula, Nina Barker, Cheryl Couture, and Chris Mattix.

Enough blah, blah, blah. The Weekly Weird Monthly is going to release a print and eBook chapbook called Weekly Weird Monthly Totally Nubs Out For Spiced Ham. 

We also have a number of other print projects in the pipeline from some of our favorite writers, poets, and artists. 

Just you wait. It's going to be great.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Just so you know

Yeah, I can dance.