Friday, August 22, 2014


A few weeks ago we went to Marfa. I'd never been and I have always heard stories about the Marfa lights and the cool, hippie, art town Marfa was. I used to work for a medical contracting company and I had to do one of many networking breakfasts. The very first breakfast I went to, I spoke to only one person. He was a truck driver and he raved about the weirdness of "some city out west" where there was a Prada shop in the middle of nowhere. I didn't know what the hell he was talking about; I just figured truck drivers know everything.

Anyways, Nina and I stayed in a safari tent at El Cosmico in Marfa. It was sunny every day and it rained every night. You'd think the sound of rain would keep you up at night but I was sucking my thumb within ten minutes of the start of the downpour. It was wonderful.

I told myself I would get a lot of writing done but that didn't happen. Sometimes you just need a vacation from everything. Marfa provided.

I learned a lot at El Cosmico.

Weekly Weird Monthly released its first chapbook called My Beard Supports Nothing by Zachary Locklin. It is very good and you should buy it here. Zachary Locklin is a very talented poet and writer. I first published his poems in my short-lived California zine Beggars & Cheeseburgers and we've been friends ever since. His miniseries, War Shark: Fuck Yeah!, was a hit on the even shorter-lived Slagdrop but Weekly Weird has plans to revive that sucker along with some other great projects with the one and only Zachary Locklin.

Next up from Weekly Weird is our chapbook of short stories dedicated entirely to SPAM so be on the lookout. It's coming soon.

As far as my own writing goes, it's coming along. I'm really getting into the meat of my novel and I should be done relatively soon. Some short stories are coming out through various websites/anthologies but I'm not sure when. When they do come out, you can be sure I'll be linking the hell out of them.


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