Saturday, May 20, 2017

Upcoming events

Well, howdy folks. 

Nina and I have been living it up on Isla Holbox in Mexico. It was great. My brain was erased with relaxation. There was very limited access to the internet and nobody spoke about Donald Trump. Every American should treat themselves to that kind of gift. 

We spoke a lot of bad Spanish. I kept saying camerones because that means shrimp and our waiter did his best dumb American impression and said, "Oh, you want SHREEEEEEEEEEEEEEMP?" I felt very self-conscious. I ate so much shrimp that my taint fell out. Just imagine that. Oh, it was great. 

I've got a few events coming up. 

First things first.


  1. Attending your book signing was great. It made me think of a McDonald's-related life hack. I now have the goal of getting a burger from Mighty Fine Burgers and a Big Mac from McDonald's. Then I will replace the McDonald's meat with the Mighty Fine meat, thus improving the Big Mac. Of course, I realize someone might pervert this dream of mine since there is meat involved. Like, where would the McDonald's meat be placed?

    1. I'm glad you liked the book signing but it does sound like you're attempting the impossible. Improving a Big Mac? You'll sooner find a working prototype of a perpetual motion machine. Thanks for coming to the reading!