Sunday, April 27, 2014

Toilet Stories From Outer Space ebooks

Get the Toilet Stories From Outer Space ebook!

Currently, there are two places you can get the ebook from. 

I'm having trouble getting Kobo set up so that should be here soon. I like Kobo. It's an indie bookseller ally. That would be my choice for purchase but it just isn't working right now. 

Until then, here's what we have:

The physical copy is available right here.

Then, of course, the ebooks. (Soon to be on Kobo)


The very first ebook sale was to a customer in Germany. Whoever you are, I hope you enjoyed the stories as they were meant to be enjoyed; in the WC. 

Thanks to everyone who has purchased the chapbook from me. It pays the bills, y'all. 

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