Monday, May 5, 2014

A goldfish named Tuna

I saw George Clinton last week at the Empire Control Room in Austin, TX.

The first time I ever saw George Clinton was at the House of Blues in Anaheim in 2010 a few days before I left California for Texas. He was fucking incredible. He was sans his trademark dreads in 2010 but the man could still funk things up. He played for three hours.

Four years is quite a burden when it comes to time.

Fear not, the funkiest man in the universe still has it. 

He didn't play for three hours this time around but he still got down. It was an incredible show. I took the above picture with my phone and promptly uploaded it to twitter (@AHILBERT3000) only to find that whoever runs George Clinton's twitter account had retweeted it. Hey, it's not that much to brag about, I know. Still, it's pretty cool. 

Why do I love George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic so much? They are a total package. They have a concept that they execute on every level. It's funk, it's from outer space, and for whatever reason, the repetitive hooks go down my spine and funk me up. 

I also love them because I grew up with my older cousins who were gangsta rap devotees. Snoop Doggy Dogg's Who Am I was the soundtrack of my second grade year. Imagine when I first heard Atomic Dog? My mind was blown. George Clinton's predated Snoop and Dre's samples but managed to sound more current. 

Anyways, enough of that. The Austin band Riders Against the Storm opened the night up. They were incredible. I didn't know who was opening but I'm sure as hell glad that they did. Riders Against The Storm - Check them out. 

All right, my ears are still blown out from the concert but here's some good stuff you should check out:

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