Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Colson Whitehead's The Noble Hustle

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You can read my review of Colson Whitehead's The Noble Hustle on Bookpeople's blog right here.

Colson Whitehead is a phenomenal writer. I could give two pieces of beef jerky about poker. I've never read anything about poker but for some reason, this book struck me as something to read.

Two pieces of beef jerky.

Sure, I like playing poker for pennies with friends as poor as I am but I'm not one of those guys that watches tournaments on ESPN or really cares about the rules of poker. Still, this book, this book is well written and has a dry sense of humor that was consistent and hilarious throughout.

It's dark - not in the sense that people are dying and we're all laughing at it - it has a brooding sense to it. There's something isolating about the way Whitehead describes his life. I consider myself at least part-Anhedonian. I can find pleasure but usually, as soon as I notice I'm having fun, I find excuses to paint the experience in a shade of gray.

It's a very good book.

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