Sunday, March 19, 2017

Upcoming things

It wasn't too long ago I was going around doing live readings every month... multiple times, even! For a guy who just reads his own words on a page for a group of people who just want to eat their chana masala in peace, that's a pretty rigorous schedule. It's no touring-band schedule but it's just the right amount of schedule for a guy who's been wearing the same The Fly t-shirt for six years.

I took a pretty big break after we decided to stop doing TL;DR at the Whip In. Planning live readings takes a lot of energy. Things just fall apart sometimes.

Enough of the backstory! Holy cow!

I'm doing some live readings/signings/podcast things to support Invasion of the Weirdos. 

Here's the schedule, so far:

March 27: The Bizzong! Podcast
April 8, all friggin' day: San Antonio Book Festival
May 2, 7pm: The One Page Salon at the North Door, Austin, TX

More to come.

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