Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Nintendo Switch

It's tough being a fully grown flesh troll who still partakes in gaming. I moved to Texas almost 7 years ago. In California, I was just an occasional gamer at least at the time I moved. Moving to Texas brought out the King Nerd in me.

I was bored. I was alone.

I played the hell out of Resident Evil. I played a ton of Street Fighter 4. I watched a lot of Metal Gear Solid 4.

HA! I made funny MGS4 joke!

I've always been a PlayStation loyalist but there was always something missing.

That something, friends, was a motherfucking Mario machine.

I've always loved Mario games and being a PlayStation person has relegated me to only playing the classics on my RetroPie and watching YouTube videos of other people playing Mario. I've never been intrigued enough by Nintendo hardware enough to ever buy a system past the GameCube.

I hated the motion control gimmick of the Wii. I also hated Nintendo's total lack of support for their prior systems. Microsoft and Sony's prior gen systems live at least a year or two after the new gen comes out.

I'm excited to see the Switch. I won't get it at launch. I'll likely never get it at all. But something is pulling me more this time. You tell me what you think.

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